Saturday, October 6, 2012

God's divine hand of healing

A Healing Testimony

Psalm 107, 20 “He sent out his word and healed them, snatching them from the door of death”.

I am delighted to share with you my testimony. Writing is one of my greatest passions, above all the opportunity to write about God almighty interests me most. I am not writing from the perspective of a pastor or theologian, I am not one. I am writing as someone who believes in a living God and who has accepted the Lord Jesus as my personal savior. Jesus heals!

I am sure my testimony will touch the hearts of many that actually do not know that a true and living God exists. There is a true and living God that can bring new life to you, the way he did for me. I knew medicines alone could not save me.

New life restored, smiles on my cheeks

As a young man with a lot of dreams about my future, I got a turn-back when I was told I was HIV positive. This impacted on my life and there was actually nothing that I could be enthusiastic about. In other words, I lost hope about my future. This is what happens to many people all over the world today. From my experience if you are facing a similar situation, do not loose hope. God can turn things around for you just the way he did for me.

At the beginning of 2012 I was not aware something dramatic will happen in my life. In April I found myself in a hospital. This is where I was born in 1967. I had been persuaded by two friends to go to hospital and they had actually brought a cab to take me there. I was weak, tired, very sick and knew I was close to death but did not want  to go to hospital. At this hospital physical healing was brought to my life. I knew God Almighty had healed me spiritually.

My life was almost at its end. I knew my days were numbered on earth. I had lost interest in whatever I was doing. I had firm believe God Almighty was going to bring healing to my life. I kept indoors for almost a week having encounters with God. I did not want anyone to come and disturb me as I presented myself to God as a sinner and cried for forgiveness. When I was severely sick I told GOD that I knew I was a dead person that could be sent in the grave at any moment. I however continued to beg that this will do no good. I said millions of souls worldwide need to hear my testimony to believe we truly have a living GOD. If he did it for me, what about you and others. Have firm believe, you shall face enormous challenges but GOD shall release you victoriously. When one accepts the Lord Jesus as personal savior you are saved from Satan’s cruel hands and everlasting suffering in hell.

Two friends of mine, one in Ghana and the other in Zambia had earlier suggested that I should travel to South Africa where a renown spiritual healer could bring healing to my life. I told them in separate instances that real healing can only happen when the individual concerned truly has a personal encounter submitting his or her self truly to GOD as a sinner and begging GOD to accept him or her though filthy. This is exactly what I did.

 Psalm 107, 20 “He sent out his word and healed them, snatching them from the door of death”. Though severely sick I never rejected God's presence in my life. How could I reject the one who gave me life? Our God is not a myth, he is present all over the universe. He created it and all of us. I stood strong in my faith with the Lord Jesus, GOD'S only begotten son who came and died, a most shameful, tormentors, painful death on the cross of Calvary. Jesus aroused from death and after forty days descended to his father in Heaven. By dying and nailed on the cross, receiving thorns on his head and stoned he shed his blood which delivered all of us from our sins. Yes this is what saved my life. My believe in the Lord Jesus Christ and that he was with me though severely sick as I begged for forgiveness and divine healing. He listened and answered me. This I firmly believe.

In receiving God's divine healing I did the following: I was sincere to myself, accepted the fact that I was a sinner, repented from my sinful life, made a solid commitment to follow Jesus Christ,  asked God to come and dwell in my life, confessed my sins to God and asked him to heal me.

I had lost all hope but God almighty and through his son the Lord Jesus Christ did all for me and restored a brand new life. In Jesus mighty name I am healed.

Repentance is a process. I made several submissions confessing my sinful life to God and experienced his presence in my life. In one of the sessions as I started to pray in my room one night, the light in my bathroom was on. Immediately I started to pray, the bathroom lights were switched off. I did not do it. I smiled as I continued with my prayers. When I finished praying the light was switched on. God Almighty did this, he was present in my room as I faced him.

God listened to my cry and finally gave me another chance to live which had been full of tears, sadness, and hopelessness into a brand new life. The lesson I have experienced is that we should put God first in whatever we do. My story will inspire you as God can do same for you. The blessings of healing in our life and success in what we do most be acknowledged. Often we do not realize that this has happened in our life. We deny God and Jesus Christ. We are proud and ashamed to tell our story.

I am so proud to tell anyone about how I received God's divine healing. HIV/AIDS and all other deadly diseases and suffering are nothing before God. All my hopes of living were dashed out but God gave me new life. He freed me from HIV/AIDS and other earthly diseases, long suffering and pains for several years. I have finally overcome all these because of my firm believe in God.

I know God created the heavens and the entire universe and all humans, fauna and flora on earth today. The planets - even today new ones are still being discovered are all God's creations.

Just every thing we have on earth; food, clothes, houses, money are God given. I was not ashamed to tell God that I am sinner and that he should forgive me from the bondage of sins, suffering, very deep pains I was going through. He gave me a second chance in life. When I came before him I was truthful in my confessions. God will listen to you when you face him.

Healing from God is not automatic. It is a complete long process to be totally freed from earthly diseases and suffering. I am a child of God and I know he created me so as anyone on earth in his image. As his child I was not afraid to speak to him, God is my father why must I be afraid so I made up my mind and confronted him. No body could do this on my behalf I knew.

In my sickness I lost most people who claimed to be my friends. This happened in professional circles too. My family stayed and shared in my suffering together with a close childhood friend who has been more than a brother. They did not reject me. They accepted my situation and have continued to give me moral, spiritual, material and financial support. I am blessed to have such a loving family and friend. Do not abandon your friend, brother or sister, relative, classmate, schoolmate, fellow Christian, workmate or colleague in trouble. It might not only be sickness. This is when the person needs you most.

When you accept Jesus Christ, Satan is angry. Stand firm! It has not been an easy experience for me but at last I overcame Satan and was saved. Today I am much stronger and have become fearless. I am sure God Almighty had His reasons for making me to be infested by diseases and illnesses, put me in deep and severe pains for all these years. Finally I went before him in total repentance and have complete new life.

I invite you to believe in the Living God, the creator of the heavens and earth. All of us are his divine creations. God Almighty sent his only begotten son Jesus Christ to come and die the most shameful and painful death on the cross at mount Calvary. Accept Jesus Christ now or it may be late. When you accept Jesus Christ he takes care of you even in times of sickness, brings divine healing and opens doors for you. I have experienced this. God is great and I do not know how to thank him for giving me new life.

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