Saturday, October 6, 2012

Jesus Christ as my personal savior

Accepting Jesus Christ as my personal savior

John 1, 12 "But to all who believed him and accepted him, he gave the right to become children of God".

The experience I have demonstrates that most people that associated with me; friends and colleagues did so with interests. They all disappeared when I was sick. This was not surprising to me though. In fact I am not the only one that this has happened to. The social circles we all create as we live in this world are merely interest oriented. When you are seen as no longer able to meet the interests that linked you together such friends or colleagues abandon you, since you no longer have anything to offer. These type of friendships are those that Jesus Christ is not in them.

Life to many in this group is just playing for time. A lot of people knew all was over for me. Someone that I thought was like a father, openly told me that "Are you a person, you dead man", yes this is how I was looked upon. This same person is not comfortable when he sees me now. I know he is regretting about what he said to me about myself. Prior to my sickness and even in my sickness I gave him support.  While sick  I did not confine myself indoors. I moved around and did my business as usual. I was not ashamed to move out of my house to attend to my work, go shopping or whatever prompted me to go out at a particular moment. I was present at my shop whenever I was able to do so and continued doing my work as usual.

I did not lost any hope.  I knew my creator was alive and shall someday bring healing to my life. Maybe your troubles might not be sickness but you may never overcome if Jesus Christ is not in you. I finally overcame mine and now totally healed of whatever sicknesses. This is because I accepted Jesus Christ in my life and actually knew he was the only one who could heal me. You cannot say what the future holds nor rebuke someone, or laugh at him because he is sick. 

When you are close to God Almighty, accepted Jesus Christ as your personal savior and live as a born-again Christian life becomes more interesting. This is so because you have a future in heaven. If life on earth is just playing for time, then eternal life in God's heavenly kingdom is the sure path we must all follow. I am so happy that I have invited Jesus Christ to dwell in my heart. He gave me new life when death was close to snatching my life. Whom can I be afraid of, when I know Jesus is with me?

I invite you to accept Jesus Christ in your life if you have not. He is the best friend you can depend on. Jesus will never fail you. He loves you and died for your sins. Accept Jesus Christ now, just as I did. He will not reject you. Talk to him, he will listen to you. Jesus loves us all. He will take care of your troubles. It may not be sickness as was my case. Jesus will not let you down. Trust in him and he will answer your cry.

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